It’s no surprise that even if gutters are built to withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions, they sometimes are due for replacing. Gutters over time get enough damage that it would need a complete replacement for it to serve its purpose.

Damage gutters pose risks for your home. There are instances where they could completely fall apart making your space a danger zone not just for falling debris, but also for leaks and internal damages from weather conditions.

So how exactly would you know that it is time to replace your gutter? Here are signs that it is time to replace your gutter:

 1. Visible Cracks and Damages 

It starts with hairline cracks, which is not a threat as a sign of damage. It then moves on the much bigger cracks and more obvious damage on your gutters.

Over time, your gutters can suffer big cracks and damages. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the gutters are substandard, but rather a common occurrence overtime. Gutters are built to last but they cannot escape the test of time. The continuous exposure to weather elements (especially in areas with long winters or rainy seasons) can shorten the lifespan of gutters.

Once it reaches the point where water seeps through cracks, it’s time for a replacement. This is a sign that the gutter no longer serves its purpose because water will pass through and this will be a problem for your homes as that water passing through damages not your just roofs but also the exterior painting and possibly the interior of your home. 

 2. Detached/Loose Gutters

Another easy to spot sign to know that your gutter is due for replacement are detached gutters. Overtime, gutters can get loose and detached from the roofing foundations and sometimes these are normal occurrences that just need reattachments, but there are also instances where they are completely far gone and need complete replacements.

When coming across instances where gutters are detached, you can ask gutter specialists to have a look and try to reattach the gutter. Alternatively, you can also check and see if the gutter would still reattach or just completely detach after a couple of hours or days. When the gutter no longer shows signs of prolonged attachment, it is time to replace the gutter.

Detached/loose gutters are definitely something you should check on. They pose hazards in your home not only possibly creating big damage by not redirecting water flow on your roof, but also can fall off and injure someone close by.

 3. Water Build Up

Gutters are what directs water away from building up on the roof and to a space where water can just flow through without damaging our homes. Although this is its purpose, it could sometimes end up building up water instead.

Water build up in your gutters can be caused by a variety of things but the most common cause is debris and leaf build up. When gutters are not well maintained, dirt and debris can build up and can block water flow. This can be solved by cleaning and maintaining gutters.

While debris and leaf build up can sometimes be solved simply by maintenance, some situations speak differently. When even after cleaning up debris and leaves the gutter still builds up water, it is time for replacement. This only means that the gutter is no longer serving its purpose and should be replaced ASAP. 

When gutters build up water, it can cause a series of problems raging from damaging your roofs to damaging the exterior to even causing insect/pest problems.

 4. Exterior Paint Peeling

Another thing to look out for is exterior paint peeling in your properties. While it’s not something you’ll find in the gutter, these could be signs that the gutter is not functioning properly and is letting water pass through.

Physical signs can be easily spotted through cracks on your gutter, but for something that cannot be easily spotted, you can have a look at the exterior painting of your homes. When it starts to peel off, it means it is constantly having water flow through it (and what else is to blame as gutters primary purpose is to direct water away from homes). Have a look at your gutters and see whether it is still in the right condition to serve its purpose or is it due for a replacement already.

What Should I Do When These Signs Occur? 

The first course of action that you should take is to consult a gutter specialist/contractor for them to have a look at your gutters. It would also be wise to request a gutter replacement cost estimator to see how much it would cost you to replace your gutters.

Gutters are built to last but they are also due for replacement. Don’t sit back on these signs as they can definitely be a much bigger trouble for you in the future than having your gutters replaced.